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Hobart Dish & Glasswashers by Precision Hygiene Ltd

Spoonshine Glass Polisher Brushes

Spoonshine Glass Polisher Brushes

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The brushes on your glass polisher are the key component when it comes to achieving the best results from your equipment.  By gently drying and polishing every edge and side of your glassware the brushes do all the hard work, so you don’t have to!

Versatile and effective our brushes are designed to accommodate every shape and style of glass thinkable.  Manufactured from a synthetic polymer that is up to three times more absorbent than cotton or linen to allow you to polish quicker, for longer.

To continuously achieve the best polishing results the condition of your brushes should be properly monitored.  We strongly recommend replacing brushes if you notice any of the following:

- A drop in the quality of your polishers results
- Fibres on the glasses after polishing
- The brush tips are beginning to fray

Brushes are available in the following quantities:
- 1 x Standard Set of Brushes
            - 4 x Standard Brushes
            - 1 x Champagne Flute Brush
- 1 x Individual Champagne Flute Brush

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