Hobart dishwashers and glasswashers
  • Hobart Ecomax F504S Undercounter Dishwasher + Water Softener

A powerful wash with great results - separate rotating upper and lower wash and rinse arms with indented anti-block jets.
A quieter washup area - double skinned door design.
Economical operation - efficient 2.9 litre rinse ensures low running costs.
Fast performance - 1 minute cycle washes up to 60 racks per hour (1080 plates per hour).
A hygienic wash result - thermostop rinse control ensures the machine will only rinse at the correct temperature.
A cleaner, more efficient machine - integral detergent and rinse aid dosing equipment as standard.
Easy to use so fewer operator mistakes - simple and easy to use electronic control with digital temperature display.
Cleaner wash water - drain pump fitted as standard on all machines.
Fully compliant - Class A air gap as standard ensuring dirty dish water doesn’t siphon back into the mains water.
Softer water for a better wash result - integrated water softener.

  • Controls: electronic
  • Built in softener
  • Rack size: 500mm x 500mm
  • Racks per hour: up to 60
  • Cycle time: 60-180 seconds
  • Dimensions: 575mm x 600mm x 830mm
  • Power: 230v single phase 25A/4.2kW (Factory Setting)




Hobart Ecomax F504S Undercounter Dishwasher + Water Softener

  • Brand: Hobart
  • Product Code: F504S
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  • £2,374.00

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