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  • Hobart Ecomax G404S Glasswasher + Water Softener

Integral water softener.
Double skinned door design gives a quieter bar area.
Compact wash tank, quick to fill and low water consumption makes for the most economical operation.
Fast performance - washes up to 40 racks per hour (1,000 pints per hour).
Thermostop rinse control ensures the machine will only rinse at the correct temperature ensuring a hygienic wash result.
Integral detergent and rinse aid dosing equipment as standard means a cleaner, more efficient machine.
Simple and easy to use electronic control with digital temperature display so fewer operator mistakes.
Separate rotating upper and lower wash arms for even water distribution gives the highest quality clean.
Drain pump fitted as standard on all machines for cleaner wash water.
Wash arms are fitted with indented anti-block jets for consistent.
Low price...

  • Integral water softener
  • Controls: Electronic
  • Rack size: 385mm x 385mm
  • Racks per hour: up to 40
  • Cycle time: 90-120 seconds
  • Dimensions: 435mm x 530mm x 700mm
  • Power:230v single phase 13A/2.2kW (Factory Setting)

Hobart Ecomax G404S Glasswasher + Water Softener

  • Brand: Hobart
  • Product Code: G404S
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £1,444.00

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